A Life of Significance

Imagine a life of significance where your emotions were joyful and positive because in your mind you knew that you are abundantly blessed in this life and eternally even in the face of life’s challenges. That you had a clear personal purpose, vision and mission, and all decision making and direction filtered through that. You have loving people who hold you accountable to be the best person you can be. That you are selective in who you let into your life and what you try to accomplish to where your life is focused and results and relationships are maximized. That you inspire people in such a way that their lives are changing for the better and because of that the world is becoming a better place. You are committed to just the right number of goals and relationships to create maximum results relationally and through you accomplishments. You manage time in such a way that you get an amazing amount of things done, but never feel rushed. You have life systems that are focused, simple and highly efficient. You are a servant leader who empowers people to be the best they can be. That you have an amazing ability to delegate and help others work through their strengths and also find significance.

If this is how you would like to live, the coaching that I do will take you on that path. These principles are the very ones that Jesus used to coach a small group of people to change the world. The people that have gone through this coaching are experiencing incredible results. I would love to talk to you more how you can have a life of significance because it is the life that God wants you to have. Contact me for a free consultation at jonabjorgaard@gmail.com or 480-323-6848.

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