June 4, 2018


 This video explains the consulting Jon Bjorgaard, MDiv, does with Pastors

The Video above explains consulting Jon Bjorgaard, MDiv, does with Churches

I am extremely passionate about helping pastors and churches.  Being a pastor is one of the most incredible and challenging professions.  My desire is to support you as a fellow pastor in finding your own personal balance and also ideas on how to more effectively serve in your church to maximize the spreading of God’s Kingdom.  By the grace of God over the 35 years I have been as a pastor, the churches that I have served saw significant growth in worship attendance, membership growth, budget, size of staff and ministry effectiveness. I have also consulted with many other churches and pastors during the time I served in full-time church ministry. My desire is to help pastors and churches see the unlimited potential that God has for each pastor’s individual life and ministry and for each church in building God’s Kingdom on earth and eternally. Over the past year I have had the privilege of coaching and consulting more than 50 pastors and am seeing great results not only in the personal lives of pastors, but also in their churches.  There are seven churches that I worked with that were on the verge of closing that are now thriving and have had the privilege of working with pastors and churches of many sizes from less than 100 to more than 1,000 in average weekly worship attendance.  One of the skills that God has given me is to help churches grow to 800 in average worship attendance and beyond.  The main goal I have to help pastors and churches be healthy and to grow in our society where so many churches are plateaued or declining.

I can work with you in person, by phone, online or by Skype. Some scholarships are available for counseling and coaching pastors.

I offer services to churches.  Some of the services I provide are:

    • Development of a Strategic Plan
    • Process for carrying out and implementing a Capital Campaign
    • Sermon series concepts with maximum effectiveness
    • Jump Start program for churches that have stalled
    • How to develop disciples within your church
    • Developing a strong Biblically based men’s Bible study and ministry that will disciple your men and greatly impact your church
    • Planning and leading a men’s ministry retreat that will lead your men into action
    • Staff alignment
    • Congregational alignment
    • Seminars for parents and teens.  Jon has written a book entitled, “Navigating Through the Jungle”, based on the challenges teens are experiencing and steps to help them navigate to a great life. 
  • I am also the author of a book called, “’What is You Are Wrong?” which is a challenge to atheists and agnostics and a training on how Christians can reach this rapidly growing segment of our society.  I have also done seminars on, “How to help Your Church grow to 800 and beyond in Average Weekly Worship Attendance”, “How to Bring Jesus into the Business World”, “Comparative Religions”, and numerous discipleship building seminars.
  • I also lead training sessions for business leaders and owners to train them in the leadership methodology of Jesus Christ. Visit the From The Master’s Mind section on this site to learn more.
  • Pastor Master Mind Sessions:  Join with a group of four to six pastors in a one year cohort to learn ten proven methods from the discipleship model of Jesus to strengthen your life, church and ministry. Not only will I be training you in these methods, but you will be teaming with up to five other pastors to share ideas and support each other personally and professionally. There will be ten (two to three hours in length) sessions that meet once a month for one year (July and December will be the months when the group will not meet).  Visit the From The Master’s Mind section on this site to learn more.

A case study:  East Bethlehem Lutheran Church which is located in inner city Detroit was on the verge of closing after 144 year of existence.  Not only were they on the brink of closing, but also their pastor had cancer.  Over the past year I worked with this pastor and encouraged and coached him even as he went through cancer treatments.  I helped him form some strategic alliances with pastors and encouraged an outward focus even as inwardly they struggled.  The church has tripled in worship attendance from a year ago and 25 baptisms took place over the last two months of 2019.  Watch this two minute video in which East Bethlehem celebrated its 145th anniversary and see an example how coaching and consultation can make a difference.

This second link shows a two minute video of the a service where 16 children were Baptized on one day.


I would like to talk with you further about any of these offerings and the associated costs. Again, these sessions can be done directly, by phone or by Skype.

I offer a 20 minute free consultation to share the options that are available to pastors and  churches.  Contact me at 480-323-6848 or jonabjorgaard@gmail.com

I now have a Scottsdale Locations at 3110 N. Hayden Rd. and 7350 N. Via Paseo Del Sur.