June 4, 2018


Jon Bjorgaard, MDiv, and Certified Life Coach, is committed to helping you become everything you are intended to be in life, relationships and work.  He will help you find the path to a more fulfilled life.

The greatest coach to walk on this planet was Jesus Christ and my desire is to tap more deeply into the coaching methodology He used.  For more than 34 years, I have been training hundred of people the meaning of becoming a more committed follower of Jesus Christ and the deeper meaning and purpose that brings into one’s life and destiny.  The impact of this coaching is not only going to change your life but the lives of all those around you and lead you on a path to greater fulfillment.  The discipleship methodology of Jesus Christ has worked powerfully for more than 2,000 years.  When this is followed and applied it leads to great effectiveness in life, relationship, family, work and all others areas of life. After leading large churches for many years, I desire to work with individuals, couples, pastors and smaller groups of people as Jesus did in his life and coaching.  He taught masses of people, but His focus was on individuals or small groups, which is where effectiveness is found. I desire to help lead you on a personalized journey to be happy, joyful and free. 

Jon Bjorgaard is a Certified Life Coach with 35 years of experience in coaching others.  He also has been trained by experienced life and business coaches and gone through a life coach certification training through the Life Coach Training Institute and Achology LTD.

Ways I Can Serve you:

    • One on one:  I assess the needs you have and will lead you on a Scriptural journey that is focused exclusively for you.  I would like to talk with you further to share the various options and coaching packages that I offer.
  • Group:  This is a coaching group of four to six men who would form a master mind coaching group.  I will direct each section on a topic and then there will be collaborative sharing. This involved a twelve month curriculum based upon the book that I wrote called, “From the Master’s Mind”, which follows the model on how Jesus trained His disciples. To find out more about the topics that will be used in this directive coaching, visit the From The Master’s Mind section of this website. There is one session each month that is approximately three hours in length. 

I offer a free 20 minute consultation to share the available coaching options. Contact me at 480-323-6848 or jonabjorgaard@gmail.com.

How did Jesus Coach?  This video lays out the 10 coaching topics that will be shared in the sessions:

Form that can be filled out prior to first coaching session:

Life Changers Client Information form

I now have a Scottsdale Locations at 3110 N. Hayden Rd. and 7350 N. Via Paseo Del Sur.