Making Your Life a Masterpiece

I watched a tutorial from a very prominent artist on how to paint a masterpiece with oil paints of a sunset over the mountains. When I first started the project, it seemed overwhelming. But with the computer I was able to do one part at a time and watch it over and over. He painted his picture in 25 minutes and it was amazing. I worked for nearly four hours doing one portion at a time. When I finished I was happy with my first attempt at doing such a project, but it was not even close to what the prominent artist did. However I realized that by continuing to practice, I would continue to improve. 

Your life is meant to be a masterpiece. The master artist is Jesus and he has the power to make your life fantastic. Sometimes it helps to have someone who is more experienced in how to apply his principles to your life. A person who can help lead you one step at a time. I have been a student of Scripture for most of my life and have broken down the principles of Jesus teaching into 10 life changing characteristics. Blessing, Purpose, Accountability, Selection, Inspiration, Commitment, Time Management, Systems, Leadership and Delegation. I have a ten week coaching program that will change your life and lead you in a pathway to be happy, joyful and free. I have seen incredible results with this program and I encourage you to reach out to me and find out more. Let your life be shaped into a masterpiece. or 

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