Jesus Came For You

Imagine a world without Christmas. What would life be like if Jesus never came to our world? What would constitute right and wrong or good and bad?  What hope would their be over sin, Satan and death?

The great news is that Jesus did come on that very first Christmas. Because of his arrival our world has never been the same. He came to not only help us to have a better life here, but an amazing life forever. 

Jesus has given us everything we need to experience hope, peace, joy and love. The only person who can stop us from receiving these things is ourself. We are blessed. The challenge is rather than looking at the blessings, we are so often focusing on our problems. We so often live in fear from the past, anxiety about the future and worry in the present. 

Jesus came to take away our fear, anxiety and worry. He calls upon us to give those things to him so he can give us hope, peace, joy and love.  Rather than focusing on the problems, he calls us to focus on the blessings. Why is it that hundreds of blessings are flowing and there may be one problem and we are fixated on it rather than all the blessings. 

As we finish this year and head into a new one, stop and focus on the blessings. Jesus came for us. “For to us a child is born, to us a Son is given.”  It is for you. 

I would love to help you dial this truth more deeply into your life to help make 2019 the best year you will ever have. 

Have a blessed Christmas and New Year. 

Jon Bjorgaard, MDiv

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