Jesus Has the Answers You Need

Two thousand years ago Jesus put forth a plan that would start the greatest movement in the history of the world.  He trained a small group of men in such an effective way that a chain reaction began that would lead to a following that would grow to over 2,000,000,000 people.

Jesus came to this world not only to lead us to heaven but to lead us on a path.  The same path he shared with his twelve disciples.

I have done a great deal of research on the methodology he used in training his disciples.  I have summarized his training into 10 points that I have placed into ten coaching sessions.  Those I have led through this coaching have been greatly impacted.  What they have learned and are learning are principles that have greatly impacted every aspect of their lives in positive ways.

The topics are blessing, purpose, accountability, selection, inspiration, commitment, time management, systems, leadership and delegation.  As each of these topics are unpacked and applied to one’s life, so does greater effectiveness, meaning and fulfillment follow in all aspects of their life and legacy.

I am excited about the results I am seeing in the lives of those going through the coaching and it is my desire to help you be a part of this movement that is based on the most effective model this world has seen.  I cannot take any credit for the results I am seeing.  God gets all the glory, but I desire to help you share in these results.  If you are an LCMS pastor or seminary student I have scholarship money that can cover a lot of your costs and in some cases the entire training.  For the cost of 10 individual sessions it is $1,250.  I am convinced it could be the best investment you have ever made in yourself.  I would like to share more about this opportunity with you.  Many of the those I am coaching are being coached through Skype or phone.  It can be done in person if you live in the Phoenix area or by distance.  The coaching I do is with men (16 years and older)and pastors.  The Pastoral Counseling I do is with men (16 years and older) and couples. Contact me at or 480-323-6848.  My website is

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