The 10 Topics Shared By the Greatest Coach

It has been such a great blessing for me to see the coaching aspect of what I do grow and expand. I am offering a ten session coaching program that can help propel your life to greater significance and purpose. The coaching is based upon how Jesus trained his 12 disciples. 

The topics are blessing, purpose, accountability, selection, inspiration, commitment, time management, systems, leadership and delegation. 

When we more deeply understand how Jesus used and applied these characteristics, our lives and those around  are going to be changed for time and eternity. 

The focus is on learning to use our minds the right way and from there everything else begins to fall into place. 

Romans 12:2 tells us “do not be conformed by the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”  The world tries to conform us in ways that so often cause harm and damage to ourselves and others. God desires to transform our minds in ways that lead us to have lives that have great meaning and purpose. 

The focus of the coaching sessions is to help us develop thought processes and character traits that are blessing to God, ourselves and all those around us. This is an investment in yourself that will bear much fruit for you and others. The one who will give you the power to make this transformation is God Himself. Visit This video gives a snapshot of the 10 characteristic involved in the coaching.

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