Peace, Power and Purpose

I hope you had a great Easter and at the same time I hope your Easter celebration is not over. If you embrace the true meaning of what Easter is all about there are three things that will become reality. 


Knowing that your past, present and future are all secure through the Savior who died and rose for you.  The only person who can stop us from receiving the peace that God offers, is ourself. We have an amazing ability to create conflict with God, others and ourself. The closer we get to God the the more we embrace the victory He has won for us, the more we will experience peace.


The Power that raised Jesus from the dead is a power that is at work inside of us by the power of His Holy Spirit. We have a God who can do anything. The more we get to know Him and see what He can do, we will begin to experience things that go beyond what is humanly possible.  The impossible becomes possible and the temporal becomes eternal. 


Jesus has a clear purpose. To show us the meaning of loving God, ourself and others. The more we embrace that purpose, the more we begin to see a desire to share that love with others. His love is the most powerful force in the universe and it is His desire for you to experience a life that is centered in it. A life that is amazing now and forever. 

Do you want a life of peace, power and purpose?  Easter makes that possible and I feel blessed to be living in it and would love to help you better embrace this truth in your journey. 

Go and Live It!!

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